Und Äktschn!

Und Äktschn!

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2014 99 min Comedy Age rating: 6
Language: German/ Audio Description
STL: German for hearing impaired

A "last cinema dinosaur" says about himself, "I don't have the money to be a genius!" - Hans A. Pospiech (Gerhard Polt), a passionate amateurfilmer, only keeps his head above water by selling off World War II memorabilia from his father's estate. When the local bank launches a film award, Pospiech tries to think big and produce an absolute blockbuster. And while the subject of his venture alone causes a furor in the village, the filming turns into a disaster that drags everyone into ruin ... AND ÄKTSCHN! - a "provincial farce" with cult potential.

"I'm giving you the historic chance to be a Hitler after Chaplin and the real Hitler, where everyone will say, great! There's never been a Hitler like that before, he's better than Hitler himself!" HANS A. POSPIECH


Gerhard Polt, Gisela Schneeberger, Maximilian Brückner, Robert Meyer, Nikolaus Paryla, Michael Ostrowski, Olaf Krätke, Viktor Giacobbo, Robert Palfrader, Thomas Stipsits, Erni Mangold, Brigitte Kren and many more

Frederick Baker

Gerhard Polt, Frederick Baker

Frederick Baker, Christian Becker

Alarich Lenz

IMAGE COMPOSITION: Wolfgang Thaler SCENE DESIGN: Tilman Lasch SOUND: Roman Schwartz MUSIC: Christoph Well, Die Toten Hosen, Noh1

Frederick Baker Filmbäckeri, Rat Pack Filmproduktion
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Austria, Germany

DVD Edition # 289