Verkaufte Heimat - Part 4

Verkaufte Heimat - Part 4

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1994 89 min Drama Age rating: 6
Language: German
STL: German for hearing impaired

VERKAUFTE HEIMAT was perhaps the only film for a long time that dealt with the historical developments in South Tyrol in the period between 1938 and the mid-sixties. This critical period is examined through the stories of three families.

Part 4 "Komplott": The freedom fighters, at their head now the farmer and Schützenmajor Hermann Tschurtschentaler and his brother Toni, both were able to escape to Innsbruck, and fall more and more into isolation. In their distress, they make mistakes, get involved with Austrian right-wing radicals and even consider an offer from former foreign legionnaires. Various secret services also get involved.


Ludwig Dornauer, Katharina Welser, Johann J. Spiss, Josef Griesser, Rita Frasnelli, Elmar Drexel and many more


Gernot Friedel

Felix Mitterer

Jiri Stibr

Daniela Padalewski

ORF, NDR, BR, RAI BOZEN, RAI UNO. Hergestellt von Schönbrunn Film GesmbH und Thalia Film GesmbH
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