Step on It

Step on It

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2001 93 min Drama Age rating: 12
Language: German
STL: English

When it comes to "going full throttle" with vodka, beer and one-night stands, waitress Evi (Henriette Heinze) is at the forefront. Besides that, there's another life to cope with: Then, when it gets light, daughter Paula (Philomena Wolfingseder) has to be taken to school. Maintaining an almost normal family existence requires additional strength. STEP ON IT thus also tells, quite unsentimentally and consistently, about the conditions under which work takes place today: about temporary work relationships, about the new "flexibility". This is the backdrop against which the drinks are poured out here on a daily basis - in the restaurant (in the morning), on the slopes (at lunchtime), in the disco (in the evening). ISABELLA REICHER

"I want to tell stories about characters and material that explore basic human issues, but on a survival scale." SABINE DERFLINGER


Henriette Heinze, Simon Schwarz, Gregor Bloéb, Philomena Wolflingseder, Carmen Gratl, Sibylle Gogg, Andreas Pronegg, Rainer Egger and more


Sabine Derflinger

Sabine Derflinger

Bernhard Pötscher

Heinz Stussak, Michael Seeber

Karina Ressler

MUSIC: Johannes Konecny


Prisma Film
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DVD Edition # 56