Weiyena - The Long March Home

Weiyena - The Long March Home

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2020 96 min DOCUMENTARY Age rating: 0
Language: German
STL: German

Weina Zhao is at home in Vienna; her parents even named her after this city. But she has always been drawn to China and her family's past, which unites the contrasting realities of 20th century life. One of them was a filmmaker in glamorous Shanghai in the 1930s, the other a poor farmer in the north. In the biographies of the two families, the development of China from Mao's Long March to the tragedies of the Cultural Revolution to the modern age is condensed. This also makes the film a unique testimony to this chapter in the history of ideas in the 20th century. Weina's journey begins in a tentative reconnection with her family. Soon she encounters traumatic memories - from the Japanese occupation to years of imprisonment during the Cultural Revolution. More and more wounds are torn open and she is confronted with her own way of dealing with the past and her uprooted identity.


Zhao Tiewang, Huang Zimin, Liu Shuzhen, Zhao Shimin, Huang Minghua, Ying Ping and more


Weina Zhao, Judith Benedikt

Weina Zhao

Judith Benedikt

Kurt Langbein, Andrea Ernst

Birgit Foerster

Langbein & Partner
Country of Production