Time of the Wolf

Time of the Wolf

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2003 113 min Drama Age rating: 12
Language: German

The time preceded by the apocalypse, when all values break apart and the highest turns to the lowest, is called Time of the Wolf in Germanic mythology. A middle class family (father, mother, 2 children) flees from a catastrophe from the big city to their private refuge in the country. Thus they believe to escape the consequences of the general chaos. Quickly and painfully they are taught otherwise. An odyssey through a destroyed country begins and it looks as if their stations are those of a crusade. An account of the aftermath. A family story. Also a road movie. Also a horror film. A story of tomorrow. Actually from today. More precisely: the story has already begun. And: a legend, that is, the story of a victim, that is, a saint story.


Isabelle Huppert, Maurice Benichou, Lucas Biscombe, Patrice Chéreau, Daniel Duval and more


Michael Haneke

Michael Haneke

Jürgen Jürges

Veit Heiduschka, Margaret Ménégoz

Monika Willi, Nadine Muse

Wega Film, Les Films du Losange, Bavaria Film
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Austria, Germany, France