Miracle Weapon Microbiome. Small helpers - big effect

Miracle Weapon Microbiome. Small helpers - big effect

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2017 52 min Documentary Age rating: 0
Language: German

Every human being is actually a huge residential community - with its microbiome. The microbiome is a mixture of millions of different microorganisms, mainly bacteria, which colonize every cavity of the human body and also cavort on the skin. Many of the beneficial co-inhabitants live in the gut. "We are only ten percent ourselves - the rest is a cluster of germs," says Peter Holzer, Professor of Experimental Neurogastroenterology at MedUni Graz. He is one of the top scientists from twelve institutions participating in the MyNewGut project, which the EU is funding with nine million euros. Research is being conducted into the effects the microbiome has on our mental and physical health.


Peter Holzer, Valentin Schreyer (Sprecher), Michael Menzel (Sprecher) u.v.m.

Marlies Faulend, Kurt Langbein

Valentin Platzgummer, Christian Roth, Gregor Centner

Kurt Langbein

Alexandra Wedenig

Langbein & Partner mit ORF 3sat und dem BMB Bundesministerium für Bildung
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