Living Together

Living Together

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2021 91 min Documentary Age rating: 0
Language: German
STL: German, English

There is a place in Vienna where you can study and learn how to live together. Under the umbrella of the City of Vienna, modules have been developed to help refugees, but also newcomers in general, find their way around the city: everyday life is to be shaped in a self-determined way, with the help of refugees as experts. Filmmaker Thomas Fürhapter, with Judith Benedikt and Klemens Koscher at the serene camera, plows through the course program, listens to the people as they work out solutions and, above all, looks with devotion into faces. "LIVING TOGETHER" takes a very close look. Through a consistent minimalist style and localization, we get a deep insight: What information and values are being taught in these courses? And how are they received by the migrants?" (Dokfilmfest Munich)


Goran Novakovic, Hui Chang, Majdoleen Hassan, Karin Spitra, Jockel Weichert and more


Thomas Fürhapter

Thomas Fürhapter

Judith Benedikt, Thomas Fürhapter, Klemens Koscher

Ralph Wieser, Thomas Fürhapter

Dieter Pichler, Thomas Fürhapter

Mischief Films, Electric Shadows Laufbilderzeugungsanstalt
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